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Dear customer, our new location is: 1212 Grand Ave Suite 10B Billings MT 59102,Welcome to our restaurant again.
  • Very nice buffet. Food is really good. 
    zboe***** posted at 6/16/2021
  • Never got crispy noodles with my chicken chow mein even after they contacted me confirming i wanted them. 75$ dinner...
    jennife******** posted at 3/6/2021
  • Never received crispy noodles for chicken chow mein even after it was placed in order and AFTER someone called to verify i wanted crispy noodles smh.
    jennife******** posted at 3/5/2021
  • Never got crispy noodles with chicken chow maim after it was iny order AND after someone called 10 minutes later to verify i wanted cridpy noodles.  66$ order smh
    jennife******** posted at 3/5/2021
  • Please update you website. We live out of town and came to new location to have buffet since the website says you are serving the buffet get to front door and says no buffet because of covid to go orders only. Very dissapointed.
    gnapr***** posted at 1/21/2021
  • I ordered food from you guys. Waited over an hour. Got a wrong item, flavorless chicken, and when I called to get it fixed I got rude customer service and nothing done to fix the issue
    cody.le******* posted at 4/20/2020
  • I have an order being delivered today at 6:15 pm for Mark Culp, 5580 Anna Maria Dr. My contact phone number is 406-696-4467. On the order confirmation it showed a different number.
    Thank you.
    mark.***** posted at 1/11/2019
  • spent,62.00 on dinner tonight, the gen Tos chicken was or tasted old, very tuff, stringy... ordered crab puffs, wife started eating them, and they were still frozen in middle. so had to microwave them to try to eat them. very unhappy...most times its very good, but tonight was not a good night.
    getrdo****** posted at 9/15/2016
  • After reading the comment section, I was leery about ordering and requesting delivery.   The food is great, very hot, and the delivery was made downtown.  Thank you for a great dinner.   I ordered the Garlic Chicken and it is wonderful!    Thank you! 
    abbey****** posted at 3/16/2016
  • In planning a monthly dinner date with my wife, we decided to try China Bistro. We drove 30 miles for this? First impressions are everything and went downhill from there. Two letters in the sign were lite and there was spit on the windows. We avoided the buffet because it looked gross. The main menu was any better. I got canned egg drop soup. It was lukewarm. I expected a hot seafood entrée and fried rice. The meal was cold and uncooked. I took 2 bites and stopped eating for fear of poisoning. My wife's lemon chicken wasn't good either. Really, frozen chicken flat tenders. Prices did not match the quality. Never going back again. 
    tomon***** posted at 1/9/2016
  • My fiance and I are from the south and we have been in billings, mt for about a year and finally came across this place. we love it! The food is amazing and we love that they deliver as well! 
    nursete******* posted at 12/30/2015
  • please make the web shopping cart both drag able and closable.  Right now it covers part of the menu and makes it really annoying to look at.  It is frustrating.  Thank you in advance for your fix.
    dougz****** posted at 11/20/2015
  • Do you serve beer and wine?
    ruff***** posted at 9/24/2015
  • Looked up on the website to find out they had a dinner buffet from 5-8pm, but when we got to the restaurant, found out that they only did the dinner buffet on friday and saturday. They should fix the website and make that more obvious.
    schmid******* posted at 5/19/2015
  • I ordered the three seafood item that advertised shrim scallops crab and lobster. There was no crab or lobster-instead there was that fake imitation crab an lobster that you can by at the store for about 2.50. Crap!!!!  Don't order food from this dump!!!
    smil**** posted at 4/22/2015
  • Came in for your lunch buffet and the food was horrible!  On top of sitting out for way too long, it was ice cold!  When we told our waiter, he said sorry we do our best. $20 for about two bites of inedible food!  Won't see us there again!
    karab***** posted at 10/14/2014
  • We have eaten a few times from your restaurant (Once IN the restaurant and twice ordered online and had delivered. We have always loved the food. However, this last time was a huuuuge disappointment! First off, we were charged $6 for delivery even though we are right across the street from you (It says $3 for up to 3 miles on your website?) After placing the order online we got a phone call 20 minutes later telling us it would be another 45 minutes? No Biggee though. The biggest disappointment was the food! I don't know if you changed chefs or what but ALL of it was awful? Even the stuff we have ordered before and loved? WE don't want a refund or anything, just really thought you should know? I hope you can get back to the great food you used to have.?Disappointed :-(The Sterhans
    denise******* posted at 11/22/2013
  • I often check out menus with my cell,  It would be great if I could order too.
    carm***** posted at 6/24/2013